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Services: Groundwater Modeling

CGC has developed both numerical and analytical models using a variety of modeling codes for projects involving groundwater resource management, remediation, pumping optimization and cost allocation.  CGC has used both finite element and finite difference modeling codes for saturated and unsaturated conditions.

Modeling services include:
  • Saturated/Unsaturated Flow Modeling
  • 2-D and 3-D Modeling using Finite-Difference and Finite Element Codes
  • Modeling for Optimization of Remediation Systems
  • Contaminant Transport Modeling
  • Modeling for Water Supply Issues
  • Modeling of Groundwater/Surface Water Interactions
  • Capture Zone/Wellhead Protection Modeling
  • Analytical Modeling
Modeling software we have successfully used includes:
  • MODFLOW (groundwater modeling code developed by the USGS)
  • MT3D (a solute transport code using in conjunction with MODFLOW)
  • MODPATH (a particle tracking code developed for use with MODFLOW)
  • Groundwater Vistas (a pre/post processor for MODFLOW and MT3D)
  • SEEP/W (a saturated/unsaturated code for simulating groundwater movement)
  • WinFlow (a 2-dimensional analytical model for simulating relatively simple groundwater flow and pumping conditions)
  • WinTran (a 2-dimensional analytical model for simulating solute transport)
  • BIOCHLOR (US EPA model for simulating transport and sequential decay of chlorinated compounds)
  • Visual HELP (the US EPA model for simulating groundwater flow through landfills)
  • VLEACH (a 1-dimensional unsaturated-zone model)
  • SESOIL (a 1-dimensional solute transport model)
  • ArcGIS (a geographic information system for modeling spatial and statistical data)


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